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Why should I keep on reading this website?
Because probiotic cleaning:

  • Cleans better and longer - deep microscopic cleaning
  • Is safer - Safe storage, safe handling and safe for people and the environment
  • Is healthier - reduces the risk of bad bacteria (pathogens)
  • Reduces bad smell

Probiotic products have been a staple feature on supermarket shelves for many years and most people have already heard of probiotic yoghurts and other probiotic foods and been convinced on their beneficial effects. But that is just the beginning - the full use of these helpful micro-organisms is still being discovered and developed. Our products use the power of probiotics for cleaning, which has proved to be incredibly effective.

The principle of probiotic cleaning is simple: there are good bacteria and bad bacteria (which cause disease, like E. coli, MRSA, Listeria and Legionella). Only one type of bacteria can live in any area of a surface, as the bacteria all rely on the same space and the same nutrients. Spreading an area with good bacteria therefore reduces the risk from bad bacteria. But like all living organisms, even good bacteria, get old and tired and eventually die, so they need to be regularly replaced with new, younger and healthier good bacteria.

At Pro-B we are great believers in the power of good bacteria and are applying it to new uses all of the time. Our products can be used for cleaning livestock, pets, the home, schools and hospitals, warehouses and air conditioning and venting systems, some of which can be bought directly from our eBay shop, with a new range of domestic and personal healthcare products coming soon. And the great thing about them is that - unlike most disinfectants and detergents - they are natural, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, not poisonous and incredibly safe, which means that they can be used safely even in the presence of animals, children and fresh produce.

We continue to work and discover the good that these wonderful micro-organisms can do, and different ways of applying them. To help us do this, and to prove the effectiveness of our products, we are also looking for agents to distribute our products and for end users (such as farmers, cleaning companies and building operators) who would like to participate in a pilot scheme.

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